Minister: Higher education ministry to allow ChatGPT use at local universities, guidelines must be followed

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PETALING JAYA: Minister of Higher Education Datuk Seri Mohamed Khaled Nordin announced that the country would not prohibit the use of ChatGPT by students at local institutes of higher education.


He however stressed that the guidelines set by the Department of Higher Education – which has already been issued and distributed among local universities – must be followed in its use by students.

“If we reject it (ChatGPT), it will still exist. Guidelines have already been released by the Department of Higher Education.

“We do not reject it, but we need know its limitations and so on,” he said to reporters during a visit to Universiti Malaysia Sarawak (Unimas) yesterday.

He also said that the use of ChatGPT is unavoidable, but guidelines on the situations where it can and cannot be used are necessary.

This is because the tool is capable of being used to generate academic papers without any additional input from a student.

The minister referenced a recent incident in the United States, where two lawyers had used ChatGPT and included fictitious legal cases in a court filing.


“If we look at an incident that occurred in the United States, lawyers used ChatGPT, and the application cited cases that did not exist. This is what ChatGPT is capable of.

“So the question now is in what situations it can be used in and vice versa.

“All of that needs to have guidelines,” he said.

The Ministry of Higher Education had previously announced that it was working on providing guidelines on the use of these artificial intelligence-powered tools back in March of this year.

– The Star

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