Unsung Hero : Netizen praise retired hospital attendant for serving free food for patients

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Sungai Petani , 26 September (Capital Post) – Despite retiring eight years ago , Mr. Subramaniam a former staff of Hospital Sultan Abdul Halim , Kedah continue to serve the patients by distributing free food during their waiting time.


Few postings about this selfless hero has been circulating social media mentioned that the former attendant has been doing this for past eight years after his retirement.

“Patients who come for medical check up at hospital often have to wait long till their turn. Some even had to skip lunch. Mr. Subramaniam comes along with bag load of fried rice and mee hoon which were prepared by himself and serve those who are in need and hungry”, said a Netizen in a Facebook post.



“He also serves to those in ward and walks around the hospital to disburse the food to everyone regardless of race”, the post continued.

In another post , a commenter said that Subramaniam spends his monthly pension allowance to prepare the foods and sometimes receive donation from other individuals who recognise his noble effort in helping people. – Capital Post


Capital Post is currently trying to reach Mr.Subramaniam for an exclusive interview. Those who has information are welcome to contact us via email : editor@capitalpost.com.my

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