Fully support our Para athletes

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Let us now throw our support behind our national para athletes, who will go up against the world’s best in the upcoming Paralympic Games in Tokyo.


Of course there are favourites, who have been identified to bring back gold medals for the nation, following our fantastic outing at the 2016 Rio edition in Brazil. I myself like all other Malaysians would like to see them surpass the target of three gold medals.

It will surely be a pleasant welcome ahead of our Independence Day at the end of the month, and a breath fresh air in the midst of the nation’s battle against the Covid 19 pandemic.

However, I urge everyone not to place too much pressure on our athletes. Cheer them on no matter the outcome. It will be a blessing if they return with medals regardless of colour, but if things don’t work out there is no need to criticise unnecessarily.

One would be ignorant to say these criticism and jeers do not exist. I do not need to go way back to prove this. I only need to quote what happened in this year’s Tokyo Olympics where some Malaysians took to social media to hammer our athletes, who did not win medals with unkind words and downright rude comments.

So please do not repeat this mistake. Support our athletes all the way and not just when they win. Our athletes being at the Olympics or Paralympics is already something to be very proud of.

Once again the Jalur Gemilang will be hoisted at the opening ceremony by our flag bearers. Let me remind everyone that our national contingent is a show of not only Malaysia’s finest, but they represent unity, patriotism and the Malaysian way of life.


Our athletes are not only battling for glory at the games. They are also facing a threat from the Covid 19 pandemic. So while we hope for their triumph at the Tokyo meet. Let us also keep our para athletes in our prayers and thoughts.

Let them have a safe journey and a safe return.

Yeap Ming Liong
Subang Jaya

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