Kit Siang calls for public inquiry to investigate Meta’s claim of fake social media account linked to PDRM

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KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 8 — DAP veteran Lim Kit Siang today called for a public inquiry headed by a judge or former judge to investigate the Malaysian police’s alleged link to fake social media accounts as asserted by Meta, the parent company behind Facebook and Instagram.


“The police denial of a claim by social media giant Meta that implicated it in attempts to manipulate public discourse by setting up a “troll farm” is weak and unconvincing,

“I call for a public inquiry headed by a judge or former judge to investigate the serious allegation by Meta,” Lim said in a statement this morning.

Recently, Meta claimed that they found a network of fake accounts that posted memes in the Malay language in support of the current government coalition and attempted to paint its critics as corrupt, as well as promoting the local police force.

“The statement by the Police secretary Noorsiah Binti Mohd Saaduddin which said the police viewed the allegation seriously and are getting more information about the matter is inadequate,” he added.

He then suggested Bukit Aman to clarify their position, as well as inviting Meta to disclose their evidence which claimed that the government is manipulating public discourses, through a public inquiry.


He stressed that the government and police forces must take serious responsibility in cleaning up fake news, false allegations, and all forms of misinformation, instead of doing the opposite.

“It would be a serious abuse and misuse of trust of the people if a government or a government department is involved in such a disinformation campaign.

“The government as the trustees of the people should not be involved in such disinformation programmes and this is why the Meta allegation must be taken seriously,” he added.

Meta said recently it had identified and removed over 600 accounts across all its social network platforms for violating the policy against “coordinated inauthentic behaviour”, with most of them alleged to be part of a “troll farm” to corrupt or manipulate public discourse through fake accounts.–Malay Mail

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